Hello, my name is James Burany and I am currently an Aerospace Engineering Major and NC State University. Currenlty I am on track to graduate in the Fall of 2012 but I have a feeling that I might end up in the spring of 2013. I chose this major because I have always been facinated with aircraft and spacecraft and everything about them. I thought about trying to focus my major on propulsion but since I have a few more classes that decision is not set in stone. I used to work of aircraft in the Marine Corps so its a field that I am familar with and I would really like to learn as much as I can about it. I never really knew any engineers growing up or whaile I was in the Marines, so it was hard to get an idea of what is required, bust since Ive been going to school and taking engineering classes, I have a new found respect for engineers. Once I graduate I had a couple ideas of what I wanted to do with my new degree. I have thought about going back into the military as an officer since I already have 9 years of active duty and would only require 11 more years until I could retire with a pension for the rest of my life. That really isnt a bad idea but its not for everyone. My other options were to get a job with basically any company that would hire me as an entry level engineer fresh out of school. I dont have any concerns about moving since Im not even originnaly from here, but I do enjoy traveling so that would be a nice change if it were to happen.

My favorite break has always been summer. Not only because its warm and the sun shines all the time but because its also the longest break of them all. I have taken classes durring my summer break before, but it was pretty hectic and I didnt really enjoy it. If I had the option to continue school durring the summer with a regular semester, I would probably do it since I dont really enjoy the fact that I have to spend year after year going to school. I know summer courses are available, but when they are condensed into 5 weeks, they get a little tough. I have looked into taking some classes durring the summer here at NCSU but then I would really miss out on my favorite break because I wouold have to go to class 5 days a week and more than likely be swamped with homework and class assignmets. Currently I am looking for any internships in the area, and a few have poped up recently. I will be applying to a few of them in hopes that I may land some type of job that I can actually learn what engineering do on a day to day basis. Im really excited, but I still have to submit applications and wait to see if I will get any offers. Although I may have to work durring the summer, Im sure I will have the oppotunity to have the weekends off so I can still enjoy the summer break.

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How to make a sandwhich

  1. Take 2 pieces of bread
  2. Apply mayo
  3. Add cheese
  4. Add lunch meat
  5. Add mustard (optional)
  6. Also add any lettuce or tomato if desired
  7. Take the two halfs and combine them to form a sandwhich
  8. Eat and enjoy

Table of my classes and grades for Spring 2011 semester

Class Grade
E 115 Pass
GC 120 A
ENG 331 A
MAE 206 A
MAE 261 B

Emerald Isle