Well hello, there! Welcome to my page.

All About ME!

Hello everyone! My name is Jovana Vidacak, and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. At NC State, I plan on studying Environmental Engineering. I chose this major for many reasons, but mostly because after PLENTY of research... it's what I could see myself doing everyday. Specifically, I fell in love with all-things-environmental after taking a course on it and getting involved in projects, and since I love science and math and the challenges they bring... I figured an engineering career with an environmental aspect would be just the right thing. More so, I want to "make a change" in this world, specifically in relation to our approach to water quality and demand.

In addition to my previously discussed academic interests, I also have some outside hobbies that I like to do. Though there are multiple, I'd have to say that my all-time favourite would be... *suspense* .... SLEEPING!!!! I know, I know, some people may either not consider this a hobby, or just think of it as a lame one... but I literally cherish it! Since I do not sleep as much as I should at night (either I'm up doing something because I'm a night-child, or because its hard for me to fall asleep then in general), whenever I get the chance to (without it interfering with my school-work or productive time, of course) I literally cherish it! Cuddling up in a blanket, relaxing until I knock out, and waking up feeling recharged is my absolute favourite leisurely activity!

Facebook logo The perfect way to get off track!!
  1. Take out 2 slices of fresh bread
  2. Spread a bit of mayo on each slice
  3. Add deli meat (of any kind) on one slice
  4. Add some lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese on the other
  5. Combine the slices and heat/press the whole thing
  6. Cut the sandwich in half and share it with your bestfriend, mine is Jelena:) and ENJOY!!

Class Expected Grade
E 115 S
CH 101 A
MA 241 B+
E 101 A
ENG 101 B
HESS 243 S
CH 102 A+

sleep solves everything