Welcome to the World of Jack!

Intended Major(s)

I currently intend to CODA into mechanical engineering or civil engineering. I am very interested in both areas of study for different reasons. Mechanics has always interested me, but so has being a small business owner and building things. Either way I think I will greatly enjoy my time spent in engineering at state, and my job down the road in either field. If I do go into civil, I will most likely do construction engineering and management with a minor in business administration. If I do mechanical I'd probably try to work for a company like CAT, John Deere, or Cummins.

My Hobby

My favorite hobby depends on the time of year. Since I live at the coast, I love to fish in saltwater in the spring and summer, both offshore and inshore. In the fall and winter I like to hunt deer with both bow and gun. I also enjoy fishing for Speckled Sea Trout in the winter, but that's usually really slow and cold fishing, so I tend to spend more time hunting at that time of the year. I also enjoy cooking the fish and wild game I kill because it is both better tasting and healthier than the meat you usually buy from the store, if you cook it right. mahi deer CTO Logo Bass Pro Shop

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