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My name is Josh Hubbard. I am a junior at NCSU as of this fall 2014. My major is civil engineering. I chose this major because I have been a general contractor for the last 10 years and I want a change. I want to stay in construction but I want to build bigger structures.

I wish I could talk of my favorite hobby but they seem just distant memories. I remember enjoying going out on the lake, riding motorcycles, and traveling. However being in school full time along with running 2 businesses it is quite challenging to find time for anything. However since I must write 5 sentences like I'm being punished, I will say that my favorite hobby is boating. Boating is fun!!

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    My Favorite Sandwich
  1. Slice up fresh bread
  2. Add turkey
  3. Add cheese
  4. Add lettuce
  5. Add Tomato
Class Grade
CE 214 B
E115 S
CSC 112 A
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