Welcome to Massachusetts, Paradise on Earth

My name is James McAdams, and I am planning to become a biomedical engineer. I chose this major for no reason in particular, and for that reason, it will probably change in the near future. At this point you can guess that I've run out of things to say. These last few sentences are clearly here to fill space. I also like rabbits.

My favorite break from school has to be summer break. The reason is obvious: it's long. I can do many things that I could never do during the school year, because of time constraints. For example, I could hike the Appalachian trail in this time. I don't plan to, but the option is available

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How to order a pizza
  1. Pick up the phone
  2. Dial the number to the pizza place
  3. Wait for them to pick up
  4. Place your order

Class Grade
MA 242 100
CH 101 100
ENG 101 100