Welcome Back To My Domain

Hello, my name is Jon Morris and I am a freshman at NC State University. Currently, I plan to major in Computer Science at NC State. The reason I chose this major is because I want to have a job that I enjoy. I really like coding and I want to entertain people with what I create. So, I want to use my Computer Science major to become a Game Programmer and make video games.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. I really enjoy single player games with a really creative and original story. Currently, my favorite game is Uncharted 2 as it has an amazing story and good gameplay. However, I also like playing multi-player games with my friends. We play both cooperative and competitive games.

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  1. Grab two slices of bread.
  2. Smack some cheese on there.
  3. Grill it on a pan and ...
  4. Eat the best grilled cheese ever.
Course Name Expected Grade
E 115 S
CSC 116 A
MA 241 A
Uncharted 2 Picture