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Hello, I'm Joe Perez. Next to me in this picture is my wife, Dianna Lynn. We have been married since June 1984 and are still very much in love with each other. We attend Friendship Baptist Church in Raleigh and have a vibrant, growing Sunday School class there as well as a Spanish ministry called Latinos en La Luz. Dianna works in the Human Resources division at Fidelity Investments in Raleigh. I am currently an Applications Analyst Programmer at the NC State University Graduate School. Since my home page is currently under construction, our biographical details are rather sketchy, but I plan to add more later. However, you may be interested in seeing my resume. This is for your reference only. Sorry, headhunters; I'm very happy with my job right now.

This is my older son, Joshua David (to your left is his fall junior school picture). We named him after two of our favorite Old Testament Bible characters, Joshua the conqueror and David the king. He will be 20 years old in August 2009 and is now a Sophomore at Wake Technical Community College for the 2008-2009 school year. For the last several years, Josh has been making A's & B's in school and his mom & dad are VERY proud of him! While in high school, Josh was very active in the church youth group, and still loves to play soccer, read, do math problems, play computer games, and drive. He has other varied interests & talents, but again, more details will be added later as construction on my home page continues.

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This is my younger son, Andrew James (the picture to your left is his 6th grade school picture). He is also named after two of our favorite New Testament Bible characters, the apostles Andrew and James. His name also honors both his grandpa's. Andrew will be sixteen years old in September 2009 (yeah, I know; I need a new picture) and loves racing cars (or "carses" as he used to say when he was MUCH smaller), reading books, and being involved in our church's youth group.  He is a Freshman at Friendship Christian School for the 2008-2009 school year. More detail will come later on.

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