The Mechanics of an Engineer's Escape

Hello, my name is Joseph Phillips and I am a Freshman Mechanical Engineer. I choose Mechanical Engineering for several reasons. Ever since I was young, I have loved to build. I also have always been a math kid. Not to mention the potential job opportunities and money to be made! Furthermore, Mechanical Engineering is a very versatile degree and I have many directions I can take with having a ME title

With being a ME comes an enormous workload. That means I occasionally need a break. My favorite break from school is our winter break. I love the snow and the cool weather that winter entails. Plus, snow means that I can go snowboard and I love nothing more than snowboarding. There is something freeing about whipping through the trees with the cold air brushing against my cheek and the snow being thrown around.

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  1. Decide which pizza to get
  2. Call pizza restaurant
  3. Order pizza
  4. Wait for pizza
  5. Pay for pizza
  6. Enjoy pizza
Course Name Expected Grade
E 115 P
MA 141 B
CH 101 B