My name is Jeremy Smithheart and I am a freshman at NC State University. I want to become an Environmental Engineer to work on water distribution or to help lessen the effect that we as humans have on the Environment. This is God's creation, and I want to honor Him by honoring His creation.

My favorite break is winter break. It is not too long as to become complacent with doing nothing at all. It is also a time of which to look over one's progress the past semester and see what was done right, what was done wrong, and what can be fixed and made better. *Side note* what has the world come to where we must be reminded as adults to keep topics appropriate. Why is that not something that our generation does out of respect and courtesy. Sigh... Here' step 6's picture

I have a puppy and he is cute, well, he used to be a puppy. Now he's not

I am a sports chameleon. "Oh, you like the Baltimore Ravens? YAY, Go Ravens!" or "Oh, you are a Pittsburgh Penguins fan? YAY, Go Penguins!" I have no druthers when it comes to sports, and March Madness is no exceptions. I simply do not pay attention enough to have a good opinion on the matter, so YAY! Go Wolfpack!!

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  1. Grab bread and stuff
  2. Smash them all together with the bread on either side
  3. Put it on a plate
  4. Eat it

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