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I'm jiwei(G-way), currently a freshman at NCSU, and i major in biological science. I moved to US 4 years ago by myself, my parents still in china. I like NCSU a lot, especially the bball team. i like soccer too, there aren't as many soccer fans here in USA. Kinda disspointed!!! my fav. team are British league - Manchester United, Spanish league - Barcelona. fav. player wayne rooney and ronaldinho!!!(he is in that video).

    Favorite Sports and Animations
  1. Soccer (Wild Stricker)
  2. Basketball (Slam Dunk)
  3. Tennis (the Prince of Tennis)
  4. football (eyeshield 21)

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Favorite Soccer Players

trick master nasty stricker perfect midfield
Ronaldinho the "sickest" trick master wayne rooney, go manchester united Cristiano Ronaldo, perfect midfielder

People I'd like to meet

i want to play tennis with her rooney fly like a bird
I'd like to play tennis with her wayne rooney, go manchester united He is the best

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go Manchester United

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