Welcome to the life of Katelynn Beam

My name is Katelynn Beam and I am a freshman at NC State University. I am in the college of engineering with the intent of going into Chemical Engineering. I chose this major because chemistry is a big interest of mine. I also would really like to do work with medicine in my future job and I would love to go into the pharmaceutical side of chemical engineering. I am also thinking about maybe using my engineering degree to become a patent lawyer and going to law school after I graduate.

In my spare time I love sitting down and reading a good book. Especially if I am on the beach and can hear the waves in the background. That is like paradise to me. It feels so good to be drawn into a world and escape reality for a little while. Some of my favorite books include 13 reasons why, Angels and Demons, The DaVinci Code and Inferno. As you can see, many of these books are by Dan Brown. I love his books and high suggest that you take the tie to read some of them in your spare time.

  1. Take out the bread and the peanut butter and bananas
  2. Spread the peanut butter on both pieces of bread
  3. slice the banana into little round circles
  4. Put the pieces of banana on one of the sides with peanut butter on it
  5. Now place the two pieces of bread together
  6. ENJOY

Class Grade
Ma 141 A
Ch 103 B
E 101 A

DaVinci Code