Welcome to me

My Name is Kelby Beam and I am currently a freshman at NC State University. I am a first year engineering student with the intent to be a chemical engineer with a biomolecular concentration. I chose this major because I love chemistry and I have always had an engineer's mind. Ever since I was in preschool, maybe earlier, I was building things. Once I got old enough to understand the concept of getting things done in the quickest and easiest way, I built things trying to be as efficient as possible. I want to be involved on the chemical/biomolecular side because I want to get into research and development of pharmaceuticals. I got onto this path because I really like understanding how a drug, a chemical compound, can alter things in a body.

It is really hard to think about what my favorite hobby is though. I like to do a lot of things. For example, I like to work out a lot and body build. However, I also really like to sit down and play video games or watch youtube videos about random things. More than either of things, I like to drive around. I dont really know if that counts as a hobby, but cars in general. I have a 2005 manual mustang and it is my baby. I burnt through my summer job earnings fixing up my car. It did not really need all of the parts, but I want it to run a long time. I also like being able to take it out onto some back roads and test out the zero to sixty while powershifting. There is something about driving a manual that is unlike anything else.

My favorite Website: Youtube

This is my resume.
  1. Get on Google Chrome
  2. Go to www.papajohns.com
  3. Customize the pizza depending on how I feel
  4. Pay for the pizza with either card or cash
Class Expected
CH 101 90
ENG 101 90
E115 S
E101 95
MA 241 85

2005 Mustang