Welcome to my website!

Hi! My name is Kieran Boudreau. I'm a transfer student at NC State. I got an associates degree in engineering at Durham Tech Community College and this is my first semester at NC State. Right now I'm working towards a Mechanical Engineering degree but I plan on switching into Aerospace because I think that going into that field would be more in line with my interests.

My dream job would be working on spacecrafts of some sort. Whether it's making probes, satellites, or space shuttles I want to play a part in extending humanity's reach past Earth and the moon. Even though it might seem far-fetched I think that given enough time and effort the solar system is a frontier that can be conquered!

A picture of me

4 Most Interesting Classes I'm Currently Taking

  1. MAE 200 (Intro to Mechanical Engineering Design)
  2. ST 370 (Probability and Statistics for Engineers)
  3. CSC 113 (Intro to Computing)
  4. MAE 201 (Thermodynamics I)

Clubs I'm Interested In

Club Link
Aerial Robotics Club Website
Drone Racing Club Website