The "Knick Knacks" of Kimmy Gebbia

Hello! My name is Kimmy Gebbia. I am a first year engineering student at NC State University. I have an Environmental Engineering intent. I chose this major because I love the environment. I love the all the beauty in the environment as well as how well the environment works with everything in it. I would like to do a lot of hands on work with the environment and improving its relationship with humans.

Over the summer I work at a grocery store, Lowes Foods. It is always enjoyable to talk to customers and hear their insight about life. Additionally, I love all my co-workers which makes the job a lot more fun than it would be without the Lowes Family. However, I dream to have a job working outdoors and my goal is to really make a difference. I want to improve the environment, but also the way people treat it to really make a sustainable difference.

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  1. Chemistry 101
  2. Psychology 200
  3. Economics 201
  4. Mathematics 242

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