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My name is Kamai Adio Malik Guillory, I am currently in my first semester at North Carolina State University, and happily transfered in as a Junior. I am a part of the College of Enginnering at NCSU, and specifically I am studying Computer Science. My passion for Computer Science stems from the variety practical uses, from buidling a recipe app to constructing algorithms for financial forcasting. I have interest in a variety of topics and Computer Science allows give me the freedom to pursue them!

The first job that I had was a Tutor/Teacher Assitant posistion for a local Elementary school, while I was in High School. It was near the end of year testing, and I helped my class of energetic 3rd graders refine their math skills. Though the posistion only last two weeks it was an amazing experience, and has sparked an intereset in myself to use my degree to look into educational software.

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My Favourite Class at NCSU

  1. PB 200 - Plant Life
  2. CSC 226 - Discrete Mathmatic
  3. COM 427 - Game Studies
  4. CSC 281 - Foundations of Interactive Game Design

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National Society of Black Engineers NSBE