Welcome to My College Experience at North Carolina State University

By: Kirby Hullender

A picture of Kirby

Hello to all! My name is Kirby Hullender and I am currently an aerospace engineering student at North Carolina State University. I am a transfer student from Gaston College and considered a second semester sophomore. Why did I want to be an aerospace engineer? I have always loved the thought of space travel and I believe we are behind. I want to develop revolutionary spacecraft designs that can travel faster and more efficient to planets far away in our solar system

Recently I had a chance to tour NASA's Langley Research Center and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I look forward to working in faculities like NASA's Langley Research Center because my dream job is to be a Hypersonic Researcher. This will give me endless opportunities to research and design better aircrafts for future commercial or space travel. Imagine being able to travel across the world in within three or five hrs instead of twelve or traveling to the Moon in an hour or less. Being able to accomplish these goals of air and space travel are what I dream of for the future of aerospace.

My Most Interesting Classes

  1. Introduction to MATLAB CSC-113
  2. Aerospace Vehicle Performance MAE-251
  3. Engineering Dynamics MAE-208
  4. Solid Mechanics MAE-214

Clubs to Join Club website
Aerial Robotics Club link
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics link