Since June of 2016 I have been a Moore Data Fellow postdcotoral researcher in Professor Blair Sullivan's Theory in Practice lab, in the Computer Science Department of NCSU. We develop theory and algorithms for graph analysis aimed at identifying structures common to real-world data such that we can help pracitioners solve problems that would otherwise be computationally infeasible.

I spent six years at Purdue as a Math PhD student working with Prof. David F. Gleich who's in Purdue's CS department. Broadly, my research there was in graph theory, linear algebra, and scientific computing, usually motivated by applications in network analysis.


Peer-reviewed publications

Technical reports and work in progress

Presentations and conferences

Upcoming and recent presentations:
  • ILAS 2017 -- July, Iowa State University -- David Imberti and I presented our work on the conditioning of Krylov matrices in the minisymposium on Solving Matrix Equations.

Work Experience

  • NCSU Computer Science -- Theory in Practice research group run by Professor Blair Sullivan.
    Moore Data Fellow post-doctoral researcher, beginning June 2016.
  • MIT Lincoln Labs -- Cyber Analytics and Decision Systems group. Intern, summer 2015.
    My project was developing theory and code to scale graph algorithms for community detection.
  • Research assistant, Purdue University.
    Six semesters at Purdue I was a research assistant for David F. Gleich, working on network analysis projects.
  • Instructor, Purdue University.
    I have 8 semesters of teaching experience, ranging from freshman algebra and calculus to graduate numerical linear algebra. For more information, see here.

More about me

Some more specific research interests: I'm also interested in functions of matrices, sparse and structured matrix computations, and spectral graph theory.

Many of my projects focus on using and characterizing seeded graph diffusions: computing them efficiently, bounding their localization, and studying how their entries cluster and decay. This is all with an eye toward applications like node centrality, link-prediction, and community detection.

In my free time, I might be playing ultimate frisbee, questing for good vegetarian substitutes for hot wings, maintaining my rank as the 5th best SSB64 player in North Carolina, learning classical guitar, or reading about AI, gender inequality in STEM fields, and space travel.

St. Louis, MO is my hometown.