Welcome to Kristen's page

Hey, everyone! My name is Kristen Lanning and I am a freshman at NC State. I started my freshman year at NC State in the First Year College, but I just transfered majors. I am now in the College of Education majoring in Secondary Math Education. I choose to major in Math Education because I love working with other people and math is so much fun. I love solving difficult problems and feeling a sense of accomplishment. I am not sure which age group I would like to teach yet, but I am excited for the future.

My favorite hobby is cheering on the wolfpack. I love going to football, basketball, and soccer games with friends. I even went to one of the gymnastic meets this year. I love watching sports because the atmosphere is fun and I love being there to support the teams. Next year I hope to go to even more sporting events.

ncsu vs unc instagram Resume
  1. take out all of the ingredients
  2. heat up corned beef in a frying pan
  3. put corned beef and swiss cheese on bread
  4. heat sandwich up in frying pan
  5. take sandwich out of pan
  6. add sauerkraut and thousand island dressing
  7. enjoy!
Class Grade
E 115 S
USC 102 A
COM 112 A
ENG 101 A+
MA 241 B
STS 323 A
ECD 220 A