This is to tell all of you people out there about myself!
Hello everyone, my name is Kedric Lemon. I am a freshman this year dual majoring in chemical engineering and paper science engineering. I first wanted to do chemical engineering because I had a huge interest in chemistry and just fell in love with it. However, I did not find out about paper science engineering until I was accepted to NCSU. They offered me a scholarship to join their program, but in the short time that I have spent in this major I already know that I am in love with this major.
I think that my favorite brake from school was my Senior year Spring Break. Some of the other seniors and I decided to go to an Italian beach. It was a long drive since we lived in Germany, but it was definitely worth it. We had a lot of fun there! We were on the beach all the time and were just having a blast! Also Italy has some of the best jelado in Europe! It was a vacation that was very memorable for us all!
  1. Roll the dough
  2. Add tomato sauce
  3. Add cheese and other toppings
  4. Place in the oven
  5. Throw it away and order pizza instead

Class Grade
Calculus A
Chemistry B
English A

spring b	reak