Welcome, Earthlings!

My name is Kyle Malone. I am a freshman. I plan on studying chemical engineering, with a concentration in biomolecular engineering. I'm fascinated by living organisms, and want to engineer living systems in order to improve people's lives. I would love to work in a small bio-tech startup after I graduate, working on projects like manufacturing the next generation of vaccines. I am also a Benjamin Franklin scholar, which means I will be double majoring in the humanities/social sciences. I plan to study either economics or history for my second major.

My favorite break was Christmas break one year. That year, a bunch of my relatives from all over the country came to my house for Christmas. My dad wanted the most perfect Christmas tree, so we actually went out into a forest and cut one down. Later, I helped my dad string up thousands of lights all over the outside of the house. They took up so much power we almost cause a blackout. Then, my crazy uncle kidnapped my dad's boss because he didn't send out Christmas bonuses that year. Luckily, he realized what a jerk he had been and didn't press charges.

cookie WebAssign!
  1. Purchase pizza dough, cheese, and other desired toppings
  2. Pick up phone and dial nearest Papa John's
  3. Wrap phone in dough and add toppings
  4. Bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 12-15 minutes
  5. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
PY 205 A-
MA 242 A+
HI 210 A