I Wanna Be the Very Best, like No One Ever Was

My name is Kyle Margeson and I am a freshman and N.C. State University. I am planning on graduating with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering. I decided on this major becuase I have a interest in statistics and enjoy making materials and machines for efficient. I am also a very social person and have learned that industrial engineering involves a lot of communication and group work.

I work as a camp counselor at Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex (WISC). I work with kids ages 4 to 12 and watch over them during the day while their parents are at work. I also drive a small bus and take a group of kids to field trips like the Norfolk Zoo and ice rink.

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My Most Interesting Classes:

  1. HESS 245
  2. MA 241
  3. CH 101
  4. E101
  5. ENG 101

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Engineers Without Borders Click here
Girls Engineering Change Click here