Policies and Expectations
Spring 2008/USC 102A, Sections 080, 029 and 030

Instructor: Kari McCloud
Email: kari_mccloud@ncsu.edu
Office: First Year Commons, room 218
Phone: 515-9450
Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday 3-4 and by appointment

For appointments, call 515-8130. Leave your full name and phone number.

This course is online at: http://www4.ncsu.edu/~kamcclou/

PLEASE NOTE: This syllabus is subject to change.

The number one rule for this course is that all members of the class--instuctor, resident mentor, and students--shall treat each other with courtesy and respect.

Expectations for instructor
-Be prepared for class
-Keep website for class up-to-date
-Grade work fairly and return work promptly
-Encourage students to ask questions
-Help students learn to think critically and independently

Expectations of Resident Mentor
-Be on time for class
-Be prepared for class
-Be a resource for students in and out of the classroom
-Encourage the students to ask questions
-Help instructor where needed

Expectations for Students
-Be on time for class
-Read the syllabus carefully and be familiar with the course requirements
-Check your email that the University has as your official email address at least every other day, in case instructor has sent important message
-Check the class website for important announcments and dates
-Inform instructor promptly if you are having trouble with an assignment
-Back up all work on paper and on disk

Where to find assignments
All assignments will be posted on the course website

Late Assignments
Except under extraordinary circumstances, I do not accept late work. If you miss class make sure you have someone bring it with them to class the day it is due or bring it to my office before the class that it is due. If you need an extension make arrangements ahead of time (not the day it is due).

Grades for this course
Grades for this course are allotted on a point basis. The letter grade ranges are outlined in the Course Description document you received.

Exceptional Work
270-290 points = A on the USC 101A grading scale. To earn an A+ for the course, you must demonstrate "exceptional work", Defined as follows:
-Work that is exceptionally creative; creativity does not detract from the ideas but instead helps convey the ideas or adds an extra dimension to otherwise good work.
-Consistently superior preparation for class.