Kara Mullaney _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Quick Look at Me

I intend to do chemical engineering and paper science and engineering. I am currently studying at North Carolina State University. I am planning to graduate in 2021, since I am double majoring and doing a co op.

How Come PSE and ChE?

I always enjoyed math and really liked chemistry and physics when I took it in high school. I liked how with those subjects I got to apply math to science to apply to the real world and decided chemical engineering seemed fit. I then received an email about the PSE program at NC State which was my top choice, although I was hesitant since it was out of state tuition. The email mentioned scholarships so I applied. A few months later and I was flying down to compete for scholarships for PSE. What reslly sold me was the enthusiasm of the staff, faculty, and students of PSE and the College of Natural Resources. That is how I got to come to State and landed in PSE.

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus MA 141 1
Chemistry CH101 1
English ENG101 1
Organic Chemistry CH222 2
Calculus 2 MA242 2