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Kyle's Website

My name is Kyle Rogers and I plan on double majoring in Computer Science and Business Administration. I am pretty sure that I will be graduating in five years due to the Co-op program offered here. I chose this major because I like manipulating the software of multiple computer devices. I want to be able to create my own software capable of surpassing current and future programs and systems. I believe that going through this career choice will allow me to do so.

My favorite vacation spot is the beach, specifically Myrtle Beach. I tend to go there with my family or friends quite often. I prefer the beach at night when there aren't as many people and are able to just relax with friends or family. Most of the time we try to have bonfires or just chill in a beach house. It's a pretty good time every time I go to the beach.

I believe the E115 point system is good compared to the typical percentage grading system. Failing once or a couple of times won't break your overall score in the point system as it would in the the common grading. Even so it forces one to work with the same amount of effort because once you achieve a certain amount of points (700 for E115) you pass the class. The point system has helped me so far because of the fact that I have screwed up on several assignments and it has not affected me that badly.

How to make a PBJ:

  1. Get 2 slices of bread
  2. Get some peanut butter, grape jelly and a knife
  3. With the knife spread some jelly on slice of bread
  4. With the same knife spread some peanut butter on the other slice of bread.
  5. Put together and enjoy

Class Grades
EC 201 A
E115 S
MA 111 A