My Undergraduate Experience at NC STATE

Welcome to Kevin Smartt's Information Page

My name is Kevin Smartt, and I am an undergraduate student at North Carolina State University. I am a freshman with an electrical and computer engineering intent. In the back of my mind I am still deciding, but I chose electrical because a large influence came from people I am met during high school that introduced me to it and what their specific roles were. I also have a huge interest in science and math related topics, so engineering seemed like a good path in general to enjoy them both. My hope is to double major and possibly minor (nanotechnology) successfully within four years with better understanding and appreciation for the specific field of engineering that I choose.

My favorite hobby would have to be drawing and sketching. During my childhood, I was very introverted and watched a lot of cartoons. It wasn't until I saw my cousin sketching Dragonball Z characters that I began sketching myself. Many of my first sketches were amateur stick figures, but through a lot of reading and videos on basics of drawing I was able to get better. The thing I liked most about being self-taught was that I got to develop my own unique drawing style. Currently I'm still sketching, but now I'm venturing more into life drawing sketches with the hope of doing commission work after college.

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My Favorite Sandwich (Combo)

  1. Go to Rudino's Sports Deck near Davis Dr. and High House Rd.
  2. Place an order for their Honey Mustard Chicken Grinder
  3. Place an order for their chicken wings (any flavor)
  4. Include (jalapeno) chips and a cold beverage to compliment the order
Courses Expected Grades
COM 110 B
MA 242 A+
PY 205 B-
PY 206 A+
ECE 109 B+
E 115 S
USP 111 S
My Chaor Sketch