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My name is Kelly Ann Smith, I am a freshman, and my current major is EFY with a mechanical intent. I chose this major because I'm a problem-solver, so I knew I wanted to do engineering, and I have a strong interest in math. I originally wanted to do aerospace engineering, but I soon realized that mechanical engineers and aerospace engineers do the same work, but mechanical engineers seem to be more hirable. I'm also considering a minor in computer science because it would be a practical ability, and I've always had an interest in programming.

My first job was at a locally-owned soft serve ice cream shop named 'Dairy Depot.' I worked there during my junior year of high school, but had to quit the next summer due to my attendance at Governor's School. I prepared orders for customers and handled payments, which I think provided me with a lot of necessary "people skills" that I didn't have before employment.

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Interesting Classes I'm Taking

  1. Calculus III (Honors)
  3. Chemistry 101
  4. Scholars Forum
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Aerial Robotics ClubARC
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