Hi! On this webpage, I'll explain my plans for the future.

My name is Kyle Smith, and I'm in the graduating class of 2021. I plan on majoring in Civil Engineering. I want to make a comfortable living and already have experience with being around construction. I didn't know what a civil engineer was until my dad, a mechanical engineer, suggested it and I looked into it. Now, I'm confident that its for me!

In my previous jobs, I've realized that I always enjoy myself the most when I get to see a project come to completion and also when I get to switch up locations every so often. My dream job would be for a firm that will allow me to work on a design/construction project from beginning to end and then send me to a new site to do it again. Preferable, this firm would be here on the East coast where all my family is.

Most Interesting Classes

  1. CH 101
  2. EC 205
  3. E 101
  4. ES 200
Name of Club Website
Club Lacrosse ncsulacrosse
Paintball Club getinvolved.ncsu.edu