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Hello to all! I would like to introduce myself as Katherine Vlachos, although for some odd reason most of my friends call me KV because its much shorter. I am a rising junior taking summer classes so that I can CODA into textile engineering. I am currently in textiles undecided but I plan to eventually go into textile engineering because of my past experiences. I have changed my mind so much because I originally thought I wanted to go to nursing school. I decided to switch to engineering because math is one of my best subjects and nursing was more chemistry based. I hate chemistry with a burning passion and hope to never put myself through so much pain and misery again.

Some of my favorite things to do are hiking, going to the gym, going on an outdoor run, or simply just playing a sport such as tennis, soccer, or volleyball. I enjoy almost all sports so the list goes on. An indoor hobby I have is sudoku. This is where the math ties in for me. I do sudoku puzzles that are a spin off of your basic puzzles but they are much more harder. I do Kenken, jigsaw, wordoku ,extreme and summation sudoku puzzles as well.

I am currently a nanny for 2 children and their 2 dogs. The children's names are Greene and Arden. The boy is 12 and the girl is 7. I love playing with them because its almost as if they like me more than their mother sometimes.

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  1. E 115
  2. ENT 203
  3. HESS 245
  4. FTM 282
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