Welcome to my NC State page

My name is Kate Vrabel, and I am a freshman at NC State. My major is first year engineering with a biomedical engineering intent. I chose biomedical engineering because I want to go into work everyday knowing that i am changing lives without having to become a doctor. I am also very interested in prosthetics, and biomedical engineering gives me a chance to work on creating new types of prosthetics.

My dream job would be working in the field of prosthetics. Ideally, I would be working directly with patients, fitting each specific patient with a prosthetic that fits their needs. I would also like to someday own my own prosthetics company and be in charge of all the patients and some specfic research into terminal end devices.

A picture of Kate

NC State classes:

  1. HI 209
  2. ENG 224
  3. CH 221
  4. ENG 486

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