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Welcome to my About Me at NCState webpage. My name is Kaija Besley. I am a First Year at North Carolina State University, becuase I am only a first year I have not CODAed into my majors, but I plan to study Biological and Agricultural Engeneering and German. I wish to study German becuase I would like to work internationaly and specifically in Germany, I have also had previous experiance with German. I want to presue Bio engeneering because I want to work in a field that gives back to the enviroment, and I wanted tangibale results of me helping people. I also find the work and research in Bio Engeneering like bioswales and soft engeneering very interesting.

Currently I do not have a job, but I am planning to apply to Outdoor Adventure at UREC at the beginning of Spring Semester. For my dream job I want to either work in Storm Water Management or Ecosystem Restoration. An example of the type of Storm Water Management that I want to work in is the Sponge City Concept in Berlin. There they try to increase the amount of water that the city absorbs by implementing bioswales and other Green Architecture. And there is a lot of Wetland and Stream Restoration that is also to reduce flooding and increase saftey in urban areas.

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  4. Stream Restoration
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