My name is Kayla Donnalley and I am a freshman at NC State. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering because I enjoy chemistry a lot. Chemistry has always come easier to me than most subjects, so it makes the most sense that I chose chemical. Also, Chemical Engineering provides a pathway for me to work in the medical field, which is something that I have always wished to do. All of the classes in the major pertain well to the knowledge I will learn in medical if I choose that path.

Playing and watching volleyball would have to be my favorite hobby. As a tall, athletic girl, volleyball always appealed to me. Even though I am very competitive, it is super fun to grab a group of friends and play a pick-up game in Carmichael when I am not playing club or recreational volleyball. Watching volleyball is also one of my favorite things to do. Personally, there is nothing more fun than watching an intense college or olympic volleyball match.

Buzzfeed Resume
    How to Make a Ham and Cheese Sandwich
  1. Grab two pieces of white bread
  2. Place two slices of ham on each piece of bread
  3. Put one piece of American cheese on one of the sides
  4. Fold one of sides onto the other
Class Grade
E115 S
EC 205 A
MA 341 A-