Kevin's Independent Assignment 5

Picture of Kevin

My name is Kevin Cheng, a sophomore graduating on May 2020 I am majoring in Business Administration, where I am interested in concentrating in Finance or Information Systems. I chose this major because I would like to start my own company one day, in the software or technology field. As a result, I am also minoring in Computer Programming to understand how to code.

My current job is a Grocery Team Member at a Target store. I started working at this job in June 2017, and am currently working part-time. My job is to stock the shelves, back-stock excess products, quality-and-date inspections, and provide customer service. For a college student, this job pays really well: $10.50 an hour.

Interesting Classes

  1. Archery
  2. Intro to Computing-Java
  3. Information Systems Management
  4. Intro to Entrepreneurship

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American Marketing Association Website
App Development Club Website