Hello, my name is Kevin Jackson. Welcome to my webpage.

Picture of Kevin

Plan of Study

I intend on majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Nuclear Engineering at North Carolina State University. My planned graduation date will fall on December of 2019. These plans are contingent based on my acceptance to my desired major/minor at NC State, as I am currently a NDS student that will be transferring from Durham Tech.

Reasons for Studying these Topics

My main interest for these topics stem from my observations of the current state of affairs for human energy consumption. Coal and natural gas, while cheap at the moment, are not sustainable energy sources. With the ever diminishing supply and increasing carbon footprint these energy sources create, alternative fuels must continue to be viable options. While nuclear fusion is relatively far off, nuclear fission can be the immediate solution for current human energy needs. These are the reasons I want to pursue study in Nuclear Engineering, while bolstering my knowledge of general engineering through a degree in Mechanical as well.

Class Course Title Semester
Differential Equations MAT 285 Spring 2017
Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering NE 301 Fall 2018
Fluid Mechanics MAE 308 Spring 2018