Homework 6 E115

Welcome to this homework assignment, it is a representation on the material I have learned thus far. Hopefully this will protray how well I understand the class.

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My name is Kendall Kruse. I am a Mechanical Engineering major. Ever since i was little my dream was to come to NCSU. As I went through high school I toook the four enginering classes my highschool offered to see if it was something I would be interested in. By the work of my teacher and my love for science and math I soon came to realize that engineering is a passion for me. As I reasearchred the amny possible paths I could go with engineering, I realized Mechanical was the best option for me due to versitility of the major. Not only that but the influence of family and friends I saw the great in all the fields, but mechanical still stood out for me. So therefore that is the major I and pursuing.

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My hobbys consist of golf and fishing. I have been fishing all my life and was something my family did together. I started playing golf in 7th grade and played on the varsity team all four years in high school. I was 3rd on the team. My sophomore year we wernt to states as a team. Even though we did not win itr was an incredible experience. I believe that this made me like the sport even more than I did before. It wasnt how well I played but the people I was able to share the game with.

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  1. make dough and spread out onto a pizza tray
  2. spread the tomato sauce onto the dough
  3. add pepperoni and cheese to the pizza
  4. lastly bake on 350 for 30 mins

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Class Grade
CH 102 97.5
MA 141 92
EC 205 95

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