Hello! I hope you find what you're looking for.

My name is Keannu Cloete. I am currently a freshman here at NC State University. My intended major is chemical engineering. I am interested in engineering in general because I want to make an impact on others' lives, and engineering will help me do just that. I chose chemical engineering specifically because of my love for chemistry. The thought of using chemistry to help people is incredibly appealing to me.

I have a deep passion for speedsolving Rubik's cubes. While I am definitely not yet what I would call and expert, I am proud of my achievements so far. My current average time is roughly 35 seconds, and I have a personal best time of 28.15 seconds. I speedsolve almost every day; it is usually my go-to activity whenever I'm bored. Someday I wish to participate in a competition, where I'll meet fellow speedsolvers and learn new methods and techniques. Regarding solve time, my ultimate goal is an average time of less than 25 seconds.

Check out my résumé!
  1. Go to a pizza place, preferably Papa Murphy's
  2. Ask for a ham and pineapple pizza
  3. If they have jalapeños, ask for those, too
  4. Take it home and enjoy its ethereal beauty
Class Name Anticipated Grade
CH 101 B
E 101 A
EC 205 A
MA 241 B