On this webpage, I hope you can learn a little more about me

Hello, my name is Kelly. I am a freshman here at North Carolina State University. I am studying Textile Engineering. I chose this major because, I have always been interested in the production of fiber-based products. I hope that I will be able to work closely with Biomedical Engineering students as my dream would be producing new artificial organs. I have always expressed an interest in medical related careers, therefore this would be a good chance to pursue that as well.I hope to make a difference in this world while being a Textile Engineer major.

My favorite hobby is playing music. I have been playing music since I was in second grade and I began on the piano. Once I reached sixth grade, I took up the flute. Once I reached high school, I took up playing the drums. My junior and senior year in high school, I was the conductor, drum major, for the marching band. I still continue to play all of those instruments. I have found an outlet by playing music.

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  1. Grilled Chicken
  2. Lettuce
  3. Alfalfa sprouts
  4. Chipotle mayo
Class Grade
Chemistry A
English A
Tennis A
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