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I am Katherine Gawlik, colloquially known as 'Kaydee'. I'm a first year student studying biological sciences, but am considering switching into an engineering based major. Upon entering college, my end goal was to be involved in epidemiology. However, my love for technology has me considering a different career path. Even if I do not follow through with a technology oriented career path, the knowledge gained from this course will surely aid me in a constantly evolving "tech-savvy" world.

In my spare time, I adore editing videos for YouTube and uploading pictures to my portfolio. My current line of employment has given me extraordinary opportunites for photography. Having been raised in an art-oriented family, I started learning photography with a film camera. Attending a magnet high school for the arts allowed me to develop my own film, as well as experiment with various types of equipment. Being able to work as a photographer after having such a background is an absolute blessing. Who'd have thought that going to work would be for stress relief?

A copy of my resume!
  1. Buy the necessary ingredients from a store.
  2. Roll out and knead the pizza dough to desired thickness.
  3. Add toppings liberally.
  4. Bake.
Course Title Projected Grade
CH101 B
CH101 A+
BIO181 A
E115 A
LSC 170 A
MA107 B-
PSY200 B+