Welcome to my Website

My name is Kaci Dilday. I am a transfer junior from UNCP. My major is High School Math Education. I chose this major because I want to have an impact on students and their view of education and its importance. I want to teach math because it is a subject that I have always excelled in and felt most comfortable with. I like that in math there is always a right answer and a way to reason through problems.

My favorite hobby is rabbit showing. My family has raised and shown rabbits for years. We have four breeds that we raise, French Lops, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, and Lionheads. I do not raise rabbits anymore due to time restraints with school, but I used to raise Rhinelanders. Now I don't raise a breed of my own, but I do have four rabbits that I take to shows when I have a free weekend. I have a Rhinelander named Leo, a Checkered Giant named Heda, a Creme D'Argente named Harvey and a Harlequin named Titus. I also train Heda and Leo to jump hurdles, and they compete against other rabbits on timed courses. Leo is undefeated.

Bio Lab Report

Here's how to make a pizza

  • Make the crust from a box, let it rise and all that.
  • Put the crust in a circle, or a square, you do you.
  • Put the sauce first, everyone knows that.
  • And any toppings, anything but anchovies. Who even eats those? I'm pretty sure its a myth.
  • Only a little cheese, barely any really (lactose intolerant).
  • Bake it.

  • Class Expected Grade
    E 115 Pass
    Calculus 3 C +
    Statistics B