Hello! My name is Kimberly Jones and I am a freshman. I am double majoring in math and math education. I chose math education because I really want to have an impact on high schoolers and help them enjoy school and feel like they can succeed at things in life. I was influenced by many teachers during high school and they definitely inspired me to work hard and get to where I am today. So one day I hope to do that for some students. I also chose math because I not only enjoy it but I want others to enjoy it and I want to help others strive in the subject.

My favorite hobby is watching netflix. It is an aspiring hobby and one has to work hard to become a master at it. At this moment I have currently watched a majority of the t.v series on netflix, multiple times. Along with a bunch of movies. Some people do not see it as a hobby, but I can spend hours doing it and still enjoy myself.

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  1. Pick bread (or cracker for me)
  2. Place cheddar jack cheese
  3. place honey ham
  4. close bread/cracker and enjoy
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    MA 141 COM 112 SOC 202 ED 150 E115
    A B A A pass pass