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-November 28, 2005-

Today wasn't that eventful. Basically I went to classes and stressed a bit about the upcoming exams and whether or not I am gonna make a C or better in Chemistry, lol.. we'll see. I feel bad for my girlfriend :(. She is extremely sick and I just wana hug her. I talked to her the most I could today which was awesome. I hope she feels better =/.

-November 27, 2005-

I just got back from Va for thanksgiving. Man, that was awesome. The food was amazing, lol.. I musta had about 3 dinners on thanksgiving. I had a great break, I got to see my girlfriend A LOT and the food was just good. This break is really makin me wish my last two weeks of this semester were over because I can't wait to go home for 3-4 weeks, basically so I can see my girlfriend all the time, how we used to do it before I left for college.

-November 26, 2005-

Nothing much at all happened today except I've been up since 8 in the morning so I could get my car aligned, balanced, and rotated. I get to see my girlfriend all day today, can't wait!