Hello everyone! My name is Kaleb Morrow. I am currently a freshman here at NCSU. My current major intent is Chemical Engineering. I plan to CODA at the end of this year. I hope to pursue graduate school after the completion of my undergraduate degree.

So besides school, I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing my xbox. If I am not hanging out with my friends I am playing xbox and vice versa. Since I left for college I have played xbox considerably less because I am much more social. I am always out on Friday and Saturday with my friends. I normally only play xbox on Sunday or a day that I am not busy with school.

I love music!

Sandwiches I enjoy

  1. Roast Beef
  2. Turkey
  3. Grilled Chicken
  4. Peanut Butter and Jelly
  5. Grilled Cheese
Class Grade
Ch 101 A
E115 S
EC 205 A+