Hello my name is Karen Sloan and this is my website.

Picture of Me
My Academic Life

My intended major is Biological and Agricultural Engineering. I am currently attending NC State University, which I hope to graduate from in 2020.

All About my Major

The reason why I chose my major is because I wanted to be involved in agriculture, while still following what I am interested in. I also love being outside and I hope that I can still do that with the type of job that I want. The type of job that I want to get is one that focuses on land control and developing plans on how to fix erosion.

Class Course Title Semester
MA 241 Calculus 2 Fall 2016
CH 101 Chemistry 1 Fall 2016
E 101 Introduction to Engineering Fall 2016
MA 242 Calculus 3 Spring 2017
CH 201 Chemistry 2 Spring 2017