Be Prepared to Be Amazed

My name is Kimberly Watson. I am a freshman going into biomedical engineering. I chose to go into biomedical engineering because I like math, science, and design.

My favorite school break was spring break of freshman year in high school. That year I was able to take a road trip to three different cities in a week with my family and had lots of great adventures. I was able to do stuff such as running down the hallways of a hotel and ordering room service at four in the morning after an all-nighter.

I like the point system that we use for E 115. The scores are easy to understand and it allows you to have a goal of points to get. The point system allows you to decide if you need to do certain assignments.

The Answer to Everything

How to make a Frito and Banana Sandwich

  1. Take out two slices of bread, one or two bananas, and a small bag of Fritos
  2. Cut banana into either small circular slices or long vertical slices
  3. Place the banana slices onto one of the pieces of bread
  4. Crunch up the Fritos in the bag and pour contents on the bread with the banana on it
  5. Lay the other piece of bread on top of the one with the food on it and enjoy
Class Title Expected Grade
ENG 101 96%
E 115 900
USC 100 99%