Kirsten Benson
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A Little About Me

My name is Kirsten Benson. I’ve been military kid all my life moving from Maryland, to Washington, to Texas, to even Stuttgart, Germany. My extensive travels have given me a worldly perspective that I apply to all aspects of my life, especially in my art.  My art is such an important part of my life, it’s my talent, it’s my stress reliever, it’s my imagination come to life. I going to North Carolina State University to major in Art and Design in the School of Design. I hope one day to become an illustrator, fashion photographer, or work for design firm in advertising.

My Portfolio

This website is a record of my portfolio from my late high school years and the work that I produce as I get my bachelors in Art and Design from North Carolina State University. I wish to show a variety of media and a growth in technique, quality and craftsmanship to desplay my work to furture employers and to get my work and style out in the public.