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Hello everyone, my name is Keyshawn Brown, and I am a Freshman at NC State University. My current intended major is Nuclear Engineering, and I am also planning on majoring in Materials and Science Engineering. I chose these majors because I aspire to create a more efficient way to store nuclear waste. One day I hope that the use of nuclear energy will become the dominant form of energy used throughout the world.

My dream job is to become a researcher for any national laboratory. Right now the number one laboratory I am looking at is Idaho National Laboratory. I know that with the funds in these nationally funded laboratories I can accomplish my research goals.

Professional Picture of Me
Four Most Interesting Classes I have Taken
  • CSC 113 (MATLAB)
  • NE 201 (Intro to Nuclear Engineering)
  • Physics 208
  • E101

  • Name of the club Link
    American Nuclear Society ANS
    National Society of Black Engineers NSBE