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My intented major is Nuclear Engineering with a Minor in Material Science and Engineering. A current North Carolina State University. I will be graduating May of 2019.

Future Goals

I choose nuclear engineering because I enjoy learning how things work and change. With nuclear engineering I can gain a better understanding of how the world works and interacts with itself. When I graduate I would like to do one of two thing first would be to work on advancing the reactors and their fuel. The second interest I have would be to develope a nuclear propulsion engine to be used in space.

Skills and Qualities

Relevent Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
NE 202 Rad Srcs,Intrct,De Spring 2017
NE 301 Fund of Nucl Engr Fall 2017
NE 402 Reac Anly & Des Spring 2018
NE 404 Rad Safety& Shlding Fall 2018
NE 405 Reactor Systems Spring 2019