All About Me: Kurtis Konrad

My name is Kurtis Konrad. I am a freshman, majoring in Industrial Engineering and Economics. I chose industrial engineering because I really enjoy making systems and processes more efficient. I am also fascinated by how supply chains work and function effectively. I will be majoring in economics as well because I am fascinated by how people make economic decisions.

Whenever I have free time, I love building Legos. I have been accumulating Legos since I was six, and my collection now fills the walls of my room. I find great joy in building sets, and often experiment with creating other things or building a set without using the instructions. I am now looking to my future, and I am begining to prepare for a time when I can have a room as filled with my own creations as the room in The Lego Movie. I hope to ultimately get my children to love Legos as much as I do.

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  1. Call Tony's Pizza
  2. Ask for a Large Cheese Pizza
  3. Drive to Tony's Pizza
  4. Pay for the Order
  5. Eat the Incredibly Delicious Pizza
Class Expected Grade
REL 311 A
EC 301 A+
MA 242 A