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Hi! My name is Kristen Lovell, and I'm currently a freshman at NC State. My major is Engineering First Year with a Biomedical Engineering Intent. I've always been interested in medicine since I was a little girl, but never quite pictured myself as a doctor. I chose engineering because I love math, science, and solving problems, and biomedical combined some of the areas I was most interested in. By becoming a biomedical engineer, I would get to do a little bit of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etcetera, all while using the applications of medicine. I'd also love to create a device that one day could save thousands of lives.

I started singing when I was about 9 years old, when I joined my elementary school choir. I've absolutely loved it ever since! I decided to keep singing through middle school and once I got to high school, I started taking voice lessons and joined the choir. The music we sang was really challenging but when we had finally finished working on it, it sounded absolutely beautiful. I even got to perform with my choir in San Francisco, Charleston, and New York. Singing in Carnegie Hall was most certainly the highlight of all the trips!

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  2. Call Papa John's (919-834-7272)
  3. Order a large pepperoni and sausage pizza
  4. Hang up the phone
  5. Pay the delivery guy when he gets there
  6. Collect the pizza and enjoy
PSY 200 CH 101 MA 242
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