My Life is Awesome

My name is Katy. I go to NC State, and I am a freshman in First-Year College. I plan on switching into CALS to become a Biological Engineer with a concetration in Environmental Engineering. I chose this major because I really am interested in fixing things, and I think I can really help in this area. I also want to help people, and I think this is a way to help a broad span of people.

One time I went on a trip to Antartica. I know you think I'm making this up, but my father is a scientist, so I went with him on one of his research excursions. Beforehand, we had to do a lot of preparation work, like pack the right materials, and learn about the dangers of the extremely cold climate. The first day I was there, I was so cold that my eyelids froze open. It was hard to sleep that night, even though I was packed in the middle of a group of Emperor Penguins. They were friendly to me, and even shared a bottle of ice cold (but not frozen) Coca-Cola. I will never forget Stanford, the lead penguin, and his clan. They send me a postcard every Christmas.

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  1. Texas A&M
  2. Ohio State University
  3. NC State
  4. George Mason
  5. UCONN