Kate Mueller

My name is Kate Mueller and I am currently a freshman in civil engineering at North Carolina State University. My intended concentration is in environmental/ water resources engineering. Like most engineering majors, it interested me because of my tendencies toward math, science, and problem solving. However, one of my primary interests lies in sustainability, and I think civil would be a good fit for me in that regard. With a civil engineering major, I hope to find myself in a position to be able to merge the physical and structural aspects of engineering with the social implications of urban development.

My past summer break from school was the one that left the greatest impression on me. I took five years of german in high school and had the opportunity to participate in and exchange program with another school in Dortmund, Germany. In October, my family hosted a student, and this summer I stayed with her family for three weeks. It was so much fun getting to spend time overseas, and seeing how, aside from language, our cultures are so similar. At the same time, there were many differences in the dependency (or lack of it) the students exhibited with their parents. I had a blast, and am so glad I had that experience before heading off to college.

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  1. Make Dough
  2. Let Dough Rise
  3. Spread Dough on Pans
  4. Add Sauce and Toppings
  5. Put in the Oven
  6. Eat!
Class Grade
E115 Pass
CH101 A
MA141 A
EC205 A
Dortmund, Germany